Friday, January 20, 2012

What to use to measure performance improvement?

You know of ST05, ST01 and SE30. But do you know why you would use one transaction code and not the other? What are the main purposes of each one when it comes to performance improvement and measurement?

To measure and improve performance of ABAP programs – Use SE30 to measure:
  • Excessive or unnecessary use of modularization units
  • CPU-intensive program functions
  • User-specific functions that could be replaced with ABAP statements
  • Inefficient or redundant database access.
In addition you may want to analyze or fine-tune a program’s database accesses – Use ST05 to measure:
  • Database accesses (SQL trace)
  • Table buffers
  • RFC calls
  • Lock operations (client side)
If you wishto fine tune the system – use ST01 to measure:
  • Authorization checks
  • Kernel functions
  • Kernel module
In addition ST01 encompasses the majority of the functionality of ST05.

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