Friday, January 20, 2012

Transport Organiser Search for Requests

You may want to search for a specific Transport you can do the following:

Transaction SE10
Select Goto–>Transport Organizer Tools
Select “Search for Objects in Requests Tasks

Here you can search for a specific , Program, Function Group, Class, Table/Structure, View, Table Type, Data Element.

If you wish you can search for other objects too by doing the following:

Enter TABU in the object field press enter, this will create a line which says R3TR-TABU where you can then enter the table name which you would like to search on. (R3TR-TABU will give you transports with the content of the table has been transported, should you wish to see the actual movement of a table you can use R3TR-TABL.)

There are over 800 valuees you can use on R3TR, which can be seen from using F4 on the object key and once you get the result limited to 500 values, select Shift+F5 to increase the number of values to 900 and select Program ID R3TR.

Other good values to use for example are R3TR-VDAT and R3TR-VIEW.

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