Friday, January 20, 2012

System Performance Analysis Transaction Codes

Here are some transaction codes I find useful when checking for performance related issues in a system:
Depending on the issue, I start with ST05 with all trace options (SQL, Enqueue, RFC, Buffer) active with a very small time frame where data is captured so as not to have more than +-2000 records.
I then compare the results with an identical capture of the same process and time frame using standard SAP.
With both recordings I activate the extended results, which gives times for each execution. Permitting one to easily see the time differences between the executions. These results should point you in the right direction.
Here are the transaction codes I find useful in this analysis:
  • SM21 – System Log
  • ST03N - R3 Workload statistics
  • ST03G - Global System Workload Analysis
  • STAD - Statistical Records
  • STATTRACE - Functional Trace
  • ST05 - Performance Trace (SQL, Enqueue, RFC, Buffer)
  • SLIN - ABAP Program Syntax Check
  • SE30 - ABAP Runtime Analysis

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