Friday, January 20, 2012

SAP Change Logs

To view the changes made to a table or a configuration node in the IMG, you can use transaction SCU3.
To view the changes, you must first have activated the change log for the required tables.
The system will read each change to an existing data record for example (Update/delete) and record it is table log.

In order to use table logging you need to do 2 steps:

Step 1:
Activate the system/client parameter. Check your systems value with RZ11 with the value: rec/client
Some options:
  • rec/client = ALL - Log all clients.
  • rec/client = 001,002,003 - Log the specified clients. (Note you can specify up to 10 clients.)
  • rec/client = OFF - Do not log.
  • TIP – make sure this parameter is the same for all servers of a system.
Step 2:
The Table then needs to be active for logging – you can do this in transaction SE13.

Additional Info
The data is stored in tables DBTABPRT and DBTABLOG.
If you have too much data in these tables:
  • As of Release 4.5A you can use Transaction SCU3 to start a deletion program (Menu “Edit –>Change Docs –>Delete”).
  • Or you can drop the table on database level and recreate it with transaction SE14.
History of table logging
  • Report RSTBSERV was used prior to 3.0
  • Report RSTBHIST was used between 3.0 and 4.5
  • Report RSVTPROT is used after 4.5

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