Thursday, March 8, 2012

Encode and Decode URL in ABAP

CL_HTTP_UTILITY is an utility class which provides several functions related to URL manipulations. There are many methods available in it, the one which I would like to share here is IF_HTTP_UTILITY~ESCAPE_URL and IF_HTTP_UTILITY~UNESCAPE_URL.
The method ESCAPE_URL does the URL encoding and the method UNESCAPE_URL does the URL Decoding as mentioned below:

Report YURL.
DATA:v_unescaped TYPE string,
           v_escaped   TYPE string,
           v_return_code TYPE i.
***********Example for URL encoding
  v_escaped = cl_http_utility=>escape_url(
                unescaped = v_unescaped ).
  v_return_code = cl_http_utility=>get_last_error( ).
  IF v_return_code = 0.
    WRITE: 'Encoded URL-',v_escaped.
    SKIP 1.
***********Example for URL decoding
  v_unescaped = cl_http_utility=>unescape_url(
                  escaped   = v_escaped ).
  v_return_code = cl_http_utility=>get_last_error( ).
  IF v_return_code = 0.
    WRITE: 'Decoded URL-',v_unescaped.
    SKIP 1.

How to find Enhancement(SMOD) from Function Exit

If the function module name is avaialble then you can pass this function module to MODSAP table and get the Enhancement name. This enhancement can then be used in a project in CMOD transaction.