Friday, January 20, 2012

Transaction – CUUPDMV – Material Variant update

One can use transaction CUUPDMV or report RCUUPDMATVAR via SA38 to update the material variants after a model change.

Usage of the Report
A configuration model was changed. For example, a new characteristic was included in a class and this characteristic is analyzed via object dependencies. Alternatively, object dependencies are changed and calculated characteristic values change as a result. At the same time, many material variants, which would now have to be changed, exist in order to adjust the stored configurations to the new model.  The system sees a material variant as a product variant of a configurable material whose characteristic values are already defined in the material master record. It is therefore treated as a stock material. In principle, the configurations of the material variants may be updated manually by executing transaction MM02 and calling the configuration in this case. An alternative is to execute CUUPDMV to update the material variants.

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