Tuesday, December 11, 2012

SAP Tables for Enterprise Structure

 Enterprise Structure                                    Definition
FI          T880                                       Company
            T001                                       Company code
CO        TKA01                                   Controlling area
LO        T001W                                    Plant / sales organization
T499S                                     Locations
TSPA                                      Division
SD         TVKO                                    Sales organization / company code
TVTW                                    Distribution channel
TVBUR                                  Sales office
TVKBT                                  Sales office text

TVKGR                                  Sales group
TVGRT                                   Sales group text
T171T                                     Sales district text
MM       T001L                                    Storage locations
T024E                                     Purchasing organization
T3001                                     Warehouse number
TVST                                      Shipping point
TVLA                                     Loading point
TTDS                                     Transportation
CO        TKA02                                    Assign company code to controlling area
LO        T001K                                     Assign plant (valuation area) to company code

SD         TVKO                                     Sales organization / company code
TVKOV                                   Distribution channel / sales organization
TVKOS                                   Division to sales organization
TVTA                                      Sales area
TVKBZ                                   Sales office to sales area
TVBVK                                   Sales group to sales office
TVKWZ                                  Plants to sales organization
MM       T024E                                     Purchasing organization / company code
T024W                                    Plant to Purchase organization
T001K                                     Link plant ( = valuation area) / company code
TVSWZ                                   Shipping point to plant
T320                                        Assignment MM Storage Location to WM Warehouse

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