Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Performance of transaction SBWP (Available BAdI's)

If you are experiencing performance issue in SBWP the main reason being that users have far too many work items in their inboxes (Several thousand). Some customers have a business need to have all work items in their inboxes rather than use more specific agent assignment (Call Centre scenario). Therefore several BAdI's are provided to improve performance e.g. reduce the number of work items in users inboxes
  • WF_BWP_SELECT_FILTER                                         
    This BAdI enables you to limit the number of the work items displayed by filtering. It is mainly suited to scenarios where all users are working on the same inventory of work items (for example, call center).
  • WF_BWP_DYN_COLUMN                                           
    Hiding the dynamic columns improves performance in the Business Workplace. If this is not possible, you can implement the BAdI WF_BWP_DYN_COLUMN to determine the values of the dynamic columns directly from the application data.
  • WF_BWP_OBJ_ATTRIBUTE                                         
    With this BAdI, it is possible to set the default attributes of the dominant object (_WI_Object_ID) and the grouping characteristic (_WI_Group_ID). The default attributes are used for grouping according to content, and grouping according to sort key and for hiding the group object column and work item content.

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